Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week One: Part One

So for today I'm going to do 2 blogs.The first part (this one) just as a reflection of what all has happened and then the second part kind of applying it to what I have learned in school and being sort of scholarly because Kevin Miller has more or less turned me into a nerd.

I think I left off on Sunday afternoon.... so i'll start there.

Alyssa and I went to a little pastry shop and had a little snack and talked with some friends. We came back and ate dinner. After dinner I started showing her pictures on my phone of my family and friends and that's all it took. Alyssa, Isabel and I talked for about 3 hours. It was nice to hear about her life and I'm sure she enjoyed hearing about ours. It also made me feel a little less homesick.

Monday we got up and went to class and then came home. After class I just wasn't feeling like myself. We ate lunch and I went and laid down. I don't even really remember what I did the rest of the day it was just kind of a blah-ish day.

Tuesday I went to class and the whole time all I could think of was being able to Skype with my mom as soon as class was over. When class was finally over I could barely keep my tears in because I had been feeling so down and I knew that crying it out with my mom would make it all better. And surprisingly here is where the funny story starts...

I found an empty classroom and began Skyping with both of my parents. My mom was asking my questions about life here and all I wanted to do was cry and tell her that I wanted to come home. I was also trying to hold my tears in because I didn't want to make her cry either. After answering a few questions my dad said he had to go and get ready for work. He told me that he loved me and that he would talk to me soon and I told him the same choking back my tears. My mom, seeing this began to cry too & that's when the flood gates opened and the tears began to freely flow heavily.

At almost the exact time that I let all my tears finally fall the door to the classroom that I was in flies open & my teacher and other classmates come in and Ana (the teacher) tells me that she has class now and I'll have to go Skype somewhere else. What she didn't see (at first) was me crying. I quickly mumbled to my mom that I had to go & then Ana saw that I was really crying. Being Spanish, Ana was talking very loudly at me because she was concerned and me being me hates when people yell at me, which caused me to freak out more. At the time I had no idea what she was saying (because it was all in Spanish).

Meanwhile, my classmates are watching this all happen and I have been holding my breath trying not to cry. I don't know if any of you have ever held your breath while crying, but I wouldn't suggest doing it. Because when doing so, your body makes this really weird snorting like noise because you are not breathing.

So my classmates are watching, a lady I barely know is shouting at my in Spanish, I'm snorting, and crying. All I remember hearing is her say something about Katie and me saying Si. Katie is our American student ministries coordinator  So Ana takes me to Katie's office and I slowly start getting myself calmed down. (At this point I'm borderline hyperventilating). I finally get myself calmed down to tell Katie what happen, half way laughing, half way crying.

She did an extremely awesome job of calming me down and talking about feelings and all that fun stuff. Now I can laugh about this story and believe it or not I feel 8797789475893795 times better about being here & don't want to go home anymore. I know I will have hard days again but I'm extremely happy to be here and want to take advantage of every opportunity while I can. Part two will be coming later today but I just thought I would share this story with you!

Hasta Luego!


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